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MO Movie Measurement…huh?

Most of the time, the movie is like a minor, it represents daily life and shows what people desire to see and feel. It is interesting to find out that women are still in the same situation if compare to the 17th century from the MO Movie Measurement by Bachdel. There are many reasons that cause the result of the MO Movie Measurement. One of them is that conversation between the women seems less important since too many things need to be showed in a very short period. However, movie just represents part of the life. Women can still be friends with each other and their topic of their conversation is not just only talking about men, just like what Woolf says in A Room of One Own. So that, MO Movie Measurement just shows that what do audiences prefer to watch and what does a director prefer to film. It does not necessary mean that women are discriminated against and being ignored in today’s society.Image



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colonization versus civilization


Colonists believed they brought along the civilization to where they were colonized. They brought the locals art, literature, government and religion, just like ancient Roma did. However, to those locals, do they really need to be civilized? The Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad described what had happened when Africa was colonized. Later, Jonathan Swift defined the problems that locals would meet when they were colonized and the solutions. A Far Cry from Africa, by Derek Walcott shows the results of colonization. The common in these works is the locals were usually described as gorillas. They were naïve and easy to be controlled. Irish women consumed England goods due to their vanity. Black people worked for white people to avoid being beat, while Mau Mau fought against British for the liberty. On the other hand, colonists said that they were heroes since they saved the locals from the evil and lead them to civilization. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the colonization of the local people. At least the locals learn simple things when they were colonized and the colonists got what they wanted. Nevertheless, it is still not fair since a lot of locals died from starving. They were beat when they did not meet the requirements, and they were always lost in the war since they did not have strong weapons compared to the colonists. In essence, people need to be civilized since it is part of the evolution of history, but it is unacceptable if the civilization was built on the colonization.

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