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Paradise Lost

At the very beginning, I have fallen since I believe that Satan is a hero. Satan is so powerful and determined but what makes him even more attractive is that he never gives up when he fell into hell from heaven. He says:

“The mind is its own place, and in it self

Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

He tries to make everything better through his mind. This make me admire him more since sometimes, when we are in trouble, we are always advised to think positive. However, Satan is not as good as what I had expected because he is so evil that he uses language to manipulate me. He leads me to Hell so that I suffer as much as he does or even more. Thus, Satan is no longer my hero and now my hero is God because he loves me so much even though I made Satan my hero at the very beginning.

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Peacocks use their beautiful feathers to attract peahens. A peacock can be signified as a prostitute, who would dress up seductively to seduce men. On the other hand, men can be indicated as a peahen. There are many reasons for a girl to become a prostitute. One of the reasons is because some girls are lost and their way of thinking had been affected by their surroundings. However, the main reason for girls to become prostitute is because they are curious about men. They like the excitement of seducing man and would learn all kinds of ways to do so. An example has been shown in the Fantomia, or Love in a Maze by Eliza Haywood, in which a girl chooses to become a prostitute as she is curious about men. Overall, the action that was conducted by the girl is a very dangerous and silly action to do so as she might fall in love with her virtual identity and also, the most important one, she cannot change the fact that she is a woman. She would have responsible for her baby. Image

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