Epic Mechnism

14 Feb

Recently, we had been reading many poetries which are associated with God, Son, archangels, sylphs and faeries which were John Milton’s Paradise Lost, John Dryden’s MacFlecknoe and Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock. No matter which mechanism (epic or heroic mock) they use, all of them used their language to manipulate people. In the Paradise Lost, Satan was depicted even powerful than God; in Macflecknoe, Shadwell was compared with the shit and in the Rape of the Lock, Alexandra Pope suggested that Belinda might finally belong to him. This tells us that we should never trust a poem and we should read it from multiple aspects to fully understand the poem. Although sometimes we will easily get emotional when we are manipulated by the writer, we will forgive him and once again impressed by him after we understood what he really means in the poem. For example, in the Rape of the Lock, it can be said that Belinda is belonged to Pope at the end because he is the one who process Belinda at the end and ironically, Belinda spends so much time in the toilet to dress up herself, but then she belonged to someone who she doesn’t actually meet at the end. This is the trick of the poem but also the interesting part of the poem. Further, in the Rape of the Lock, I strongly disagree with Pope is a misogynist. This is not because this poetry is originally intend to reconcile a rift that had developed between two prominent Catholic families, so that it should not be a poem which discrimination against women to expand the war between these two families. Further, he keeps mention how beautiful, mature and pure Belinda is throughout this poem, hence, Pope should not be a misogynist. I especially like the way that Pope ends up. He says Belinda’s beautiful and pure is everlasting, like the star at night, bright up the sky. It does not matter that she lost her lock and her identity, since she desires better.


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