Goblin Market

20 Apr

Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market has been read as a relatively straight forward children literature. All of it is about sisterly love and virtue. This can be explained why readers choose to read it as a children literature. First of all, the language that Rossetti uses. Instead of using more sophisticated language in her works, she chooses to use the language which is easier to read and understanding. Second, she uses color to vague our focus. It is easier to read as children literature since children’s worlds are relatively brighter than adults’ due to their naive. Thirdly, the sacrifice of Lizzie can be linked to Rossetti’s background as a more “spiritual” Anglicanism. Further, this poetry fulfills Virginia Woolf’s point of view in A Room of One’s Own, a good literature can exist with only women. Hence, readers intend to say it is a children literature.

The points of views above are all based on personal experiment due to the fact that this is how we think. Readers choose to read it as a children literature because they are not homosexual. They would not have ideal how sisterly love can become true love. So, they suggest that Goblin Market is just a straight forward children literature. Also, Goblin Market is composed during 19th century, where the language becomes unstable. Sexuality, gender and identity are common topic in that period. Thus, this poetry can be read as a simple children literature but is also can be considered as a sexual literature (Queer Theory).

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