28 Apr

Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is somehow similar to Winterson’s Oranges are not the only fruit due to the fact that they are both telling story. The darkness of heart is exposed when the unknown narrator in Heart of Darkness accounting Marlow’s story. We can find out that Jeanette’s differences only when she is accounting her story.

If they both use post-modernism structure to retelling their story (their story becomes fragments), but how come Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is found harder than Jeanette’s Oranges?

I think the reason for that is because the language that Conrad employs is harder that Winterson’s and further, Winterson’s story is about herself, like what we refer to Oranges is Winterson’s autobiographical. Because of that, something can be ‘expected’ in Oranges, for example, Winterson will grow up from a little girl, but then Jeanette has to leave her home when she refuses to deny the fact that she is homosexual. The Heart of Darkness, on the other hand, is harder since we are now in the modern world and colonization is no longer exists. People cannot experience what is going on during that period causes Conrad’s works even harder than Winterson’s Oranges.

Another point that I want to focus on is the end of these two works. They both leave the conclusion for their readers since their stories are still going on, therefore, the story can only be wrote until ‘the end’.

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